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Stainless Steel Bar | Round, Square, Hex, Flat Bars

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Stainless steel bars are fabricated from raw metal alloys with precise dimensions and cross-sectional geometries. Stock can be quickly cut to the right length, further modified by manufacturing and machining processes, and more. Learn more about our array of stainless steel bar options and how AAA Metals can help with your next project.

Stainless Steel Bar Options and Common Applications

Steel bar stock is a step closer to the completion of your next manufacturing project than starting with raw steel material. Metal bar stock is used in applications across every industry around the world. Not only is it convenient, but the bars are treated to resist corrosion, stay durable throughout a long lifespan in different consumer, commercial, and industrial conditions, and resist physical damage. All bars start as round bar stock before being sized and drawn through the coil line to create precise cross-sectional shapes.

With steel bar stock, you can quickly manufacture or machine uniform products for sale or use. At AAA Metals, we provide the following stainless steel bar options:

Round Bar

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Round bars can be used to produce a wide range of consumer and commercial products, structural components, and more. The rounded edges are finished to eliminate the risk of sharp edges down the length of the material. We provide round bar stock made from different stainless steel varieties, such as: 303 stainless steel, which responds well to machining and resists corrosion; 304 stainless steel, which is versatile and heat-resistant; and 316 stainless steel, which has a high molybdenum content to withstand corrosion in marine, outdoor, and chemically caustic environments.

Some common applications of round bars include fasteners, shafts, and railings.

Square Bar

Square bars are categorized by their size, or the length of one side of its face. Square bars are available in a variety of sizes and lengths at AAA Metals, as well as in a range of popular stainless steel alloys. Square bars are commonly used as piers and supports in industrial or construction applications, though they can also be used in ornamental fabrications. Square bars are durable, strong, resistant to damage, and versatile.

Hex Bar

Hex bars are available in an array of sizes and lengths, and they have a hexagonal cross-section. Size is categorized by the distance from one flat face to the flat face on the opposite side of the steel hex bar, rather than the length of a given face.

Because of the bar’s hexagonal shape, it’s commonly used to produce volumes of fasteners, such as washers, nuts, and other fittings. The lengths of bar can be cut down to size and then drilled or machined to create threaded openings throughout its length.

Flat Bar

Flat stainless steel bars are generally available in two varieties: edge-treated bars with sheared, cost-effective edges that are then smoothed as the bar is flattened; and the stainless steel flat bars, which are uniformly produced through hot rolling, annealing, and pickling (HRAP) or cold drawing. Edge-treated flat bars are cost effective, while true bars are precise and sharp. Stainless steel flat bars are available in many sizes, thicknesses, and stainless steel alloys.


AAA Metals, Your Trusted Stainless Steel Bar Supplier

At AAA Metals, we specialize in complete metalforming and manufacturing solutions. Our specialties include custom services such as cutting, grinding, and polishing for low-volume and high-volume projects.

We also provide high quality metal stock and complete metal pieces, so you can simplify your supply chain. Our inventory includes bars in stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium, and hard-to-find metals, so you can obtain stock, milled, and machined pieces quickly.