Metal Forming for the Aerospace Industry

Metal components used within the aerospace industry must meet strict requirements for safety, precision, and quality. At AAA Metals, we are a trusted distributor of stainless steel, nickel, and high-temperature alloys for the aerospace industry. We can supply raw materials in a wide variety of forms and offer a range of in-house capabilities, including polishing, laser and waterjet cutting, shearing, precision sawing, and more. With these capabilities, we can deliver quality metal components catered to the aerospace industry’s unique requirements and standards.

Comprehensive Aerospace Solutions

AAA Metals offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. As part of our capabilities, we offer precision shearing services capable of achieving the tight tolerances and specifications required by aerospace applications. Using state-of-the-art hydraulic shearing equipment, we can deliver precise cuts for aerospace-grade metals up to 0.125 inches thick with widths from 0.25 inches to 12 feet. To ensure optimal precision and consistency, we use advanced measuring tools such as laser measurement systems and digital readouts.

Our skilled team has the expertise to handle a wide range of metals used in aerospace parts manufacturing, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Nickel alloy
  • Titanium

AAA Metals is committed to delivering metal components that adhere to aerospace industry standards, such as ASTM and AMS, to ensure the highest level of accuracy and quality. With a dedication to continuous improvement and quality control, we focus on consistently providing precise solutions that meet the industry’s strict demands.

Precision Manufacturing Excellence

Our expertise in precision manufacturing aligns with the high quality standards set by the aerospace industry. With our precision sawing services, we can achieve the accuracy and tight tolerances required for aerospace components. Our advanced CNC sawing machines are equipped with laser guidance systems to ensure precise alignment while reducing material waste. Featuring multi-axis control and specialized saw blades with fine teeth, our machines allow for clean and accurate cuts, even for complex angles and geometries.

Our highly skilled operators maintain consistent results by ensuring proper equipment setup, alignment, and monitoring during the sawing process. This level of quality control allows us to meet aerospace industry standards, such as ASTM, AMS, and NADCAP.

Advanced Metal Processing Technologies

At AAA Metals, we utilize advanced metal processing technologies to meet the demanding needs of the aerospace industry. For example, our waterjet cutting capabilities allow us to achieve exceptional accuracy and precision, with tolerances as close as +/- 0.005 inches.

Waterjet cutting can be used to precisely cut intricate shapes and contours, making it a great choice for producing complex aerospace components. Because the process utilizes a high-pressure stream of water, waterjet cutting avoids heat-affected zones and material distortion, ensuring the structural integrity of aerospace parts. Utilizing this process along with forging techniques, we can produce aerospace components such as rings/shields from a range of aerospace-grade metals.

Surface Finishing and Quality Assurance

Our expert surface finishing capabilities allow us to deliver quality aerospace components with optimal performance and aesthetics. AAA Metals offers stainless steel polishing services capable of achieving superior surface finishes that comply with aerospace standards. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures we provide polished stainless steel aerospace components with excellent corrosion resistance and cleanliness.

Value-Added Services and Support

In addition to our metal processing capabilities, AAA Metals also offers several value-added services to support your project. These include:

  • Expert guidance. We are experts in the business. With decades of experience, we can assist with everything from metal stock selection to the type of metal processing service required.
  • Custom packaging. Our custom packaging capabilities ensure safe storage and transportation of aerospace components.
  • Inventory management. Our inventory management capabilities allow us to provide just-in-time delivery, which is crucial for aerospace manufacturers to meet project deadlines and maintain efficiency.

Commitment to Industry Compliance and Certifications

At AAA Metals, we are committed to providing high-quality metal components that comply with strict aerospace requirements and standards set forth by regulatory bodies. We understand the importance of maintaining optimal precision and quality for aerospace parts and ensure we deliver finished products that meet or exceed the necessary specifications, such as:

  • MIL-S
  • ASME
  • ASTM
  • QQS
  • AMS

AAA Metals: Exceeding Aerospace Standards

Through our surface finishing, precision shearing, sawing, and various other metal processing capabilities, AAA Metals can deliver quality aerospace components that exceed industry standards. We take a collaborative approach when working with aerospace industry clients to ensure we can provide a solution that meets their specific requirements. With our advanced technologies and commitment to precision and quality, we can meet your unique metal manufacturing needs while ensuring industry compliance.

For more information about our aerospace industry capabilities, please request a quote today.