Equipment and devices for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries require lasting components with smooth, well-finished surfaces. Such surfaces facilitate sterilization, promote facility safety, and help ensure product integrity while safeguarding against contamination and corrosion. At AAA Metals Company Inc., we offer a wide inventory of metal materials along with polishing and finishing services designed to produce stainless steel suitable for even the most sensitive and highly regulated applications. Learn more about the benefits of our stainless steel polishing services for pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

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Stainless Steel Polishing

At AAA Metals, every job starts with our high-quality assortment of bars, sheets, plates, angles, and pipe or tubing in stainless steel or various alloys. We maintain a highly stocked inventory of metals in mill form and precision-cut pieces for your convenience, and our team offers various polishing and finishing services to meet your industry’s needs.

One of our services, stainless steel polishing, is particularly beneficial for pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and products. Equipment like mixers, tanks, and reactors often consist of stainless steel. Not only is this material resistant to corrosion, but it’s also unlikely to react in the presence of chemicals or pharmaceutical products.

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries must meet strict standards for hygiene and cleanliness to protect consumers and ensure operational safety. To that end, polishing offers the following benefits:

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance. The smooth finish of polished stainless steel makes it easier to sanitize component surfaces and complete a thorough cleaning between uses, as well as maintain these surfaces effectively. Smooth surfaces also enhance efficiency during cleaning and sterilization processes as polished stainless steel parts require less time to clean.
  • Contamination prevention. Contaminants from dirt to bacteria can build up in even microscopic crevasses or on uneven surfaces and rough edges. High-quality polishing makes for smooth surfaces so contaminants are less likely to adhere to them and negatively impact product quality.
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust. However, stainless steel polishing adds a thin protective film to the metal’s surface to enhance its resistance properties and prevent damage from cleaning solvents, chemicals, and other caustic agents. As a result, surfaces stay smooth and easy to clean for heightened pharmaceutical product integrity and a lowered risk of cross-contamination.

Additional Benefits

Besides effective contamination and corrosion control, stainless steel polishing provides several other key benefits to pharmaceutical and biotech operations. Smooth down to the microscopic level, polished stainless steel offers:

  • Reduced equipment galling and seizing. By polishing components that come in direct contact with others, you significantly reduce friction between them. This decreases the risk of seizing and galling, which can slow production or damage equipment. This benefit is advantageous for thread-like or thin materials, specifically.
  • Decreased risk of burrs and sharps. Polishing processes remove burrs, rough sharps of metal, and any other excess material that might linger from processing the metal.
  • Improved structural integrity. As polishing removes the roughness and surface blemishes that can otherwise lead to corrosion and damage, the process enhances stainless steel’s durability, making for more reliable, lasting components.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal. Polished stainless steel surfaces simply look better, with a smooth, shiny, mirror-like finish that appears cleaner and brighter than rougher surfaces.


Polishing services at AAA Metals are valuable for metal parts across diverse pharmaceutical and biotech applications.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturing and Operation

Polishing 316L stainless steel (SS316L), a popular steel alloy for pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing, results in smooth machinery components that reduce friction and grinding, are easy to clean, offer better bioburden management, and comply with industry hygiene standards. Machinery constructed with and using polished parts also tends to have fewer repair needs for enhanced productivity and system uptime.

Pharmaceutical/Biotech Tools, Wire Forms, and Containers

Tools, wire baskets, containers, and related items for repeated use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries will come into contact with a wide variety of substances and samples. Polishing removes uneven areas and rough patches where materials could otherwise linger on these tools and vessels, causing cross-contamination. You can then more easily and comprehensively sterilize your equipment.

Surface Anomalies Control

Quality control standards like ASME BPE Part SF help govern SS316L stainless steel production and manufacturing to safeguard against surface anomalies. By using polished stainless steel that adheres to such standards, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can achieve optimal bioburden control and component cleansing.

Our Capabilities for the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry

As a full-service stainless steel and alloy supplier and service provider since 1978, AAA Metals supports pharmaceutical and biotech customers worldwide with quality materials. Our team handles all polishing projects in-house, with capabilities for edge, face, and OD polishing (180 Grit through Ra finishes available). To minimize surface anomalies, prevent contamination and corrosion, ensure easy sterilization, and maximize performance and equipment lifespan, contact us to learn more about our polishing services or request a quote today.