Stainless Flat Bar / Handrail Supplier

Handrails provide safety, structure, and aesthetic elements for walkways, stairways, platforms, and passageways.

Stainless Steel Saw Cutting

In this video, we are sawing 304 stainless plates that are 20″ wide & 1.5″ thick. We can cut bars or plates, up to 20″ square/round, to whatever size you’d like. We have 40+ years of sawing knowledge with hard to cut materials.

Stainless Steel Polishing #4 Finish Flat Bar, Plate & Tube

In this video, we are face polishing a 304 flat bar with Scotch Brite after grinding and sanding. When we are finished we will inspect for Ra finish that our customer requires.

Stainless Steel Edge Polishing

In this video we are bidirectional edge polishing (grinding). When we get the edges clean we will change to finer abrasive/ Scotch Brite.

Stainless Steel Shearing

This video features Stainless Steel Plate Shearing (3/8 x 144 capacity), In-House Plate Polishing, and Stainless Steel to High Temp Alloy Sheet Shearing on our 2nd Precision Shear. Weld Coupon Production, including number stamping, is also done in-house.

Stainless Pipe Polishing 180 grit #4

In House Capacity up to 8 x 26 long Tube/Pipe 3 Dia. Bar. Display Shafts, Hand Rails, Columns, Architectural Finishes #4 180 Grit to Scotch Brite Finish.

Stainless Steel & High Temp Alloy Shearing Weld Coupons

This precision/production shears capacity is from .010″ – .250″ Thick. After shearing coupon will be Heat Treated, Inspected, then grade and or number stamped per spec.

Stainless Steel Pipe & Tubing Supplier

At AAA Metals, our vast inventory of raw metal components includes pipes, tubing, bars, discs, forgings, plates, and rings.