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Stainless Steel Polished Hex Bar

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Did you know we could Polish Hex? We can! If your application is Architectural then we are your call. Here is a Before and After of an 1-1/4″ Hex x 144″ Long. After  

Stainless Steel Polished Plate

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We have just started Polishing 3 Plates 1″ Thick x 61″ x 120″ Grade 304/304L to a #4 Satin Finish. This has a 2 side requirement so flipping the plates over and Polishing the back side is a must. We ensure all surfaces are protected with rubber padding. Vacuum Lifting also provides ease of positioning. […]

Stainless Steel Polished Hand Rails

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We have just completed polishing these 1/2″ x 2″ x 156″ Grade 304 Stainless on all 4 sides. Top, bottom and the 2 edges to a #4 satin finish. When completed they will be covered with PVC and boxed for protection.