Stainless Steel Shapes

Stainless steel is one of the most preferred manufacturing materials due to its great durability. It is also easy to work with, as it can be cut, welded, and bent while maintaining strength. Moreover, stainless steel lasts considerably longer than other substances and does not easily rust or corrode.

For steel construction and other industrial applications, stainless steel is available in various forms and shapes. Particularly, it is utilized in applications where a corrosion-resistant and hard material is required.

Here are some of the most common stainless steel shapes used for a variety of purposes:


Also known as L-shaped, stainless steel angles have two straight legs (angled at 90°) that may be of equal or varied length and are tapered. They are extensively used for construction purposes, such as edge trims, frames, and brackets. They also have exceptional corrosion resistance and are advantageous in applications where hygiene is essential, including commercial kitchens, medical facilities, and laboratories.


Stainless steel channels, called C-shaped, have top and bottom flanges with a connecting web. Depending on the particular grade, the applications for stainless steel channels can vary. For instance, Type 304 channel beams are suitable for medical equipment and the transport of chemicals, pigments, crude oils, and refined oils. Meanwhile, Type 316 channels are often used for building and architectural purposes. They are also more expensive than 304 due to their greater corrosion resistance.

Hexagonal Bars

Stainless steel hexagonal bars provide good machining qualities. Thus, they are excellent for repeatedly turned components, such as bolts and nuts. Additionally, hexagonal bars are common in the medical sector, food processing industry, tooling, and mechanical engineering.

Hollow Bars

Stainless steel hollow bars offer great corrosion resistance and are normally available in various grades and sizes to meet different technical and manufacturing needs. These bars are commonly used in the construction, medical, food production, and pharmaceutical industries.

Round Bars

Round bars have smooth surfaces used for construction applications that do not require high-strength reinforced concrete. They are widely used on beams, column stirrups, pipelines, roads, and other similar industrial purposes.

Flat Bars

Flat bars are durable materials commonly used in applications requiring narrower widths and diameters. They are often available in straight lengths or custom sizes. Furthermore, stainless steel flat bars are appropriate for use in the building, petrochemical, beverage production, and architectural industries.

Tee Sections

Stainless steel tee sections — also known as T-profiles, T-bars, or T-beams — have T-shaped cross sections created by longitudinally cutting the webs. They are resistant to corrosion and have simple surfaces to clean and sterilize. Furthermore, they are frequently used in various structural and architectural applications, including trims, edgings, frames, and facades.


Stainless steel sheets are made from an alloy of steel and chromium. Although the thickness of stainless steel sheets can differ, they are typically thicker than metal foils or leaves but thinner than metal plates. Their common uses are in the construction, food processing, automotive, chemical, and marine industries.


Stainless steel plates do not stain, corrode, or rust as easily as normal carbon steel since their chromium content prevents surface corrosion when exposed to air and atmospheric moisture. As a result, they are the most preferred stainless steel shape in applications that require little maintenance but high corrosion resistance.

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